„Culture on the outskirts of Vienna“ – Monastery of Klosterneuburg

The impressive, highly visible monastery of the Augustinian canons is located just outside of Vienna at the Danube and documents the close relationship of religion, culture and wine in an incomparable manner. It was temporary the imperial residence and for more than 900 years it is the seat of the order . The highlights of the tour are the Collegiate Church as well as the world famous Verdun Altar of the 12th Century. 

„Heir Drama & Vienna Woods – Monastery Heiligenkreuz and the surroundings

We betake ourselfs to the south of Vienna, where the Vienna Woods and the thermal line starts and where the upperclass has been inspired during their summer retreat . According to this, our tour is leading to the spa town of Baden, which has already been developed by the Romans before it became significant as a resort for the imperial family and numerous musicians. Afterwards we visit the imposing medieval Cistercian Abbey of Heiligenkreuz in the midst of the Vienna Woods. In close proximity we find the memorial of Crown Prince Rudolf who departed this life under still unclear circumstances. So overall a trip that brings the scenic surroundings closer to you as well as the history.

„Juwels in the breadbasket of Vienna“ – The palaces of the Marchfeld

Also the east of Vienna – the „Marchfeld“ is worth a visit, where some of the most interesting baroque palaces of Austria can be found . On the way past „Eckartsau“, the last residence of Emperor Charles I, we pass also by Carnuntum, formerly one of the most important Roman military camps and later capital of the Roman province Pannonia – today one of the wine regions in Austria. Our destination is, however, a visit to one of the most beautiful summer residences of Prince Eugene – Schloss Hof - with its unique baroque garden architecture, the revitalized farm buildings and the famous white donkies.

„By The Beautiful Blue Danube“ – The Wachau

This day trip is devoted to one of the most charming landscapes of Austria which is determined by the river that runs through Vienna – the Danube. This part along the Danube River is world famous in several ways. One the one hand there are the best conditions for wine, on the other hand also a variety of villages, castles and ruins full of history . Our tour leads along the Danube through the town of Krems and the villages of Spitz and Dürnstein, concluding with a visit to the impressive Benedictine Abbey of Melk.

„Pannonian frontier“ – excursion to Burgenland

It is noticeable all over the province Burgenland – Austria and Hungary have a past in common. For example our first stop is the capital Eisenstadt, combined with a visit to the Esterhazy-Palace, which is still owned by the family. There we move on the footsteps of the composer Joseph Haydn. Our journey takes us further to Rust, where we enjoy the Pannonian ambiance while having a lunch break. Then it is up to you: Either relax during a boat ride on Europe’s largest lake – Lake Neusiedl –,  or explore the surrounding area with a carriage ride . Or a wine tasting at the end?