Austria City Guide

I was not born in Vienna, but in the adjacent province Lower Austria
– which is probably one reason why I know how fascinated one can be by this extraordinary city.
This fascination has not gone over the years rather there was more and more the need  to
convey „my Vienna“ to others.
This feeling became my profession. 
According to the hospitality and tourism industry, I have completed the training as a

certified tour guide a few years ago.
Since then, I look forward to the opportunity to immerse into this unique town with interested visitors.

Besides the variety of arts & culture from different eras, the „real Viennese“ with their „Viennese charm“ and their legendary hospitality have done it to me.
The combination of a
modern world city, romantic and historic districts and a lot of nature
makes Vienna always something very special to me.

Explore Vienna with me I’m sure you will be impressed.